The Distillery Rooms were created by an innovation consultancy that has hired over 100 rooms worldwide to run client workshops, training seminars or just to hold client meetings.

Along the way we have learnt what makes a good meeting space and what doesn’t… wallpaper on walls and blutac definitely do not mix!

Alongside this we have researched the environmental affects on creativity, problem solving and the general ability to think clearly.

Much of what we have learned can be downloaded as a PDF below. And all of these elements have been incorporated into the design of the rooms.

There has always been one big bugbear we have about room hire and that is – hidden extras. So we have made sure that all the basics you are likely to need are included in the rates… flip charts and pads, tea, coffee & water, AV equipment etc.

There is no place better in Bristol to meet, create, think, work & debate.

You can find a little more behind the creation of the rooms here… Supporting Research (PDF)