Mind Fuel
Food & Drink

Research has shown, providing food and drinks that are full of nutrients and vitamins can help with concentration and alertness. It keeps people ‘on the ball’ and stops them falling asleep! So we offer a good selection of menus that go way beyond just the standard sandwich buffet and cakes.

Having delicious and tasty food is one of the bonuses of escaping the office for a day. So being big food lovers, we’ve ensured menu options are deliciously tempting, tasty, nutritious and we hope will make you very happy too.

You can choose from a deep-filled, freshly just been made sandwich buffet, to Japanese all served in individual Bento Boxes, Gourmet hand crafted pizzas or fresh, hot and tasty Latin American.  We are also working with an award winning gourmet Deli over the road from us. And we like to support local independent businesses so all food travels no more than 2 minutes! Meaning we can deliver from kitchen to your plates in no time at all.



Starting the day with a good breakfast is proven to improve the memory and enable better concentration.

Choose from a selection of delicious kick starts to the day like muesli, yoghurt & fruit or freshly baked croissants & pastries or even a naughty bacon sarnie.


Sandwich Buffet

A selection of deep filled handmade sandwiches served on a choice of locally baked white, granary or brown baguettes.

All served with a variety of Tyrells kettle chips, freshly baked cookies & a fruit bowl.  Drinks include a choice of three delicious cordials.


Japanese (Order In)

The authentic, healthy, traditionally cooked Japanese cuisine comes from Yume.  We’ve hand-picked the options including Chicken Katsu, Salmon Teryaki, Shelled Crab and delicious Vegetarian options and freshly rolled Sushi and Sashimi.

All are served in individual Bento Boxes with three fresh cordials and a delicious fruit bowl.


Pizza (Order In)

Authentic hand-stretched freshly made pizzas topped with the finest ingredients from the lovely people at Planet Pizza.

All pizzas are topped with tomato, oregano & fresh buffalo mozzarella. There are even Gluten-Free pizzas available by special request.

All served with a choice of three fresh cordials to drink and a delicious fruit bowl.

Mexican Menu

Latin American (Order In)

Big Latin  & Mexican flavours created by Las Iguanas.

Choose between freshly cooked Burritos, Enchiladas or Chimichangas. All served warm and with a selection of three fresh cordials and a delicious fruit bowl.

Gourmet Buffet Menu

Gourmet Buffet (Order in)

A gourmet buffet from award winning deli Papadeli – all artisan crafted dishes with something for everyone.

Main course, salads and desserts all served on platters – this option is a real gastronomic treat for you and your guests.


Cool drinks in a glass

Coffee, tea and chilled water is available on tap and included in our rates.

We understand the importance of great coffee so we have a top rated coffee machine in both meeting rooms. There’s decaffeinated coffee and a broad selection of teas, from ‘builders’ to camomile. So people can grab a cuppa whenever they would like to throughout the day.

There’s a BYO policy for alcoholic beverages alongside a small corkage charge – perfect for any celebratory team events!